The Truth About Social Media Traffic:

The Most Common Mistakes You Might Be Making.

Social media is a great way to market your business. With a simple click, you can share a post and reach a massive audience, with no limits to how far it can go. But what if you’ve been seeing less traffic lately? Keep reading to learn the truth about social media traffic and common mistakes you might be making with your posts.

The truth about social media traffic

The truth is, without knowing how your social media strategy was performing in the first place, you can never truly know if or why that traffic has decreased. 

Some of the most common mistakes people make on social media include:

  • Posting too many ads on their page.
  • Not posting often enough.
  • Posting irrelevant updates.
  • Using too many emojis and poor grammar.

Though you may not be seeing as much traffic on your posts as usual, there are simple fixes to help boost your performance and get more followers. 

Common mistakes you might be making

Your posts might not be reaching a large enough audience. If you want your posts to reach a wider audience, there are a few ways to do this. You can post on different social media networks, including LinkedIn and Instagram. You can increase the visibility of your posts by boosting them with paid ads or hash-tagging them to increase their popularity. Most people don’t realise that hashtags are able to help boost your post’s popularity because it allows people who are searching for those topics to find it easily.

Another common mistake is using the generic “LIKE” button on Facebook. People are becoming increasingly annoyed with seeing these generic buttons because they know these buttons don’t really mean anything. Instead, use the SHARE button, which will show what you shared on other users’ feeds without looking too spammy.

You could also be posting too much content that isn’t relevant to your business or has little value to readers. Posting irrelevant content will only frustrate visitors and clients because they’ll see content that doesn’t interest them or provide any value.

How to fix your mistakes

The first thing to do is be aware of your mistakes. You can see what people are commenting on and how many people you’re engaging with by taking the time to scroll through your newsfeed. You can also use social media analytics to get this information for your profile—all you have to do is log in. This information will show you how often people are clicking on your posts, what types of posts they like best, and how many impressions (i.e., times they’ve seen it) each post has gotten.

Once you know where your mistakes are stemming from, there are a few ways you can fix them:

  • Change the language or content of the post.
  • Put more emphasis on the post when posting it.
  • Use an image or video in the post.
  • Use different hashtags. Some social media sites have limits when it comes to the number of hashtags that are allowed per post, so keep this in mind when entering different hashtags into your post.


To run a successful social media campaign, you need to be doing something right. But, what if you’re not?

Well, the following are the most common mistakes you might be making and offer some advice on how you can fix them.

Mistake 1: Not posting often enough

Mistake 2: Poor content quality

Mistake 3: Lack of strategy

Mistake 4: No tracking

Mistake 5: Not leveraging your social assets

Mistake 6: Poor use of video

Mistake 7: Not using graphics

The truth about social media traffic is that you can’t do it right if you’re not doing it right. If you want to be successful, you need to avoid these common mistakes and make sure you’re doing all the right things.

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